Having lived in The Live Music Capital of the World, Austin Texas as a singer songwriter for eight years Deb Yager had the opportunity to not only play music at many venues but to see a plethora of notable and talented singer songwriters live & up close over the years. Drawing from this huge pool of available talent she drew what she saw. Deb surrounded herself and immersed herself within this amazing city of 24/7 available live music.

This body of work is done by a technique called Blind Contour Drawing. The artist draws the subject without looking at the paper while looking only at the subject. Hence; "blind". They are abstracts mostly and yet, each subject has its individualistic look or "stamp" containing the "essence" of each subject. Whether it be it a guitar, a musician, child or a beach scene.

Deb continues to draw from the rich and unique live music culture of Austin, specializing in the solo artist with his or her guitar but currently having expanded her drawings to include beach scenes of her current home. Now living in a “surf shack” turned art studio in south Florida having taken some respite/sabbatical from her year of traveling and playing music. Deb needed a retreat from her nomadic life. A restful period to capture the beach life style that she grew up with having been raised since age 10 in South Florida. Now, living the beach lifestyle and capturing the essence of the laid back hippy & beachcomber culture, her work continues to expand into line drawings of her current surroundings, adding color to her contour drawings.

Deb currently does "for hire" work, taking commissions to draw families, children or musicians and now adding logos (PK Thompson Guitars and Fischer Hall Fest and Open Carry Guitars) to her “repertoire”. Even moving into the fishing & boating world, doing custom / commissioned pieces of clients yachts & fishing boats. Deb still plays gigs with her singer songwriter husband Bo Reynolds all over south Florida. You can check her music out at debyager.com and her husband at boreynolds.com.